Saturday 4 May 2013

Ballerina Bunny

A Ballerina Bunny I did as an example of how you could decorate a plain white muslin bunny, for our girls craft day, a few months ago. This Bunny girl I painted with watered down acrylic paints for the body colour,She is a pale beige colour with pink insides to her ears paw pads and a white mouth and nose. I painted on ballerina shoes and frilly panties with a pink acrylic I had added a pearl colouriser to,then sewed on and tied the ballerina slipper ribbons. Different coloured wired ribbons were gathered for her tutu and underskirt, and parts of an old sweater were machine sewn up to make her little ballerina shrug. Her tiara was wired pearls which were also sewed onto to her tutu and shrug. Hope you like her. :)


De la Renaissance said...

So glad to see you back on your blog Linda!

Your white ballerina bunny is so cute!

Linda said...

Thank you, Jack is taking all my time, and I dont have as much energy as I'd like..:) My New Year resolution didnt last long did it!!
Hope you are all well. Linda xx

Dr. Rudy said...

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Unknown said...

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