Wednesday 23 June 2010

Cow Parsley Versus the Refinery

Sometimes I love the way nature puts things into perspective. The way this humble Cow Parlsey dominates the distant Refinery with its Chimneys.

Thursday 17 June 2010

No 6 Dormouse,small bits & WIPs Rocking Horse Flys,March Hare and Hatter

Sorry for not posting for ages, I have still been busy working quietly away.
I just had problem with my camera lead, the connection that downloads from the camera to the computer had decided to go defunct. Well a new one was received in the post and we are back on song, so here are the newest additions, and the works still in the rough, in progress.

Saturday 5 June 2010

No 5 Bits and Bobs

A few of the little additions to add to the batons.

Thursday 3 June 2010

Woozle in The Wars & Updates

Spent yesterday up and down to the farm, re vets visits to Woozle, she had a big lump come up under her cheek. To me it looked like a black thorn puncture gone nasty, blood puss, etc. The Vet ,Floris arrived from our Island's Liphook Practise, and was very thorough, after a complete check over he flushed & drained out the affected area many times, gave her penicillin, antibiotics etc. Shes still eating, and noshing grass, which is a good sign, as its keeping the jaw active too, we will have to see how it goes today.
He checked teeth etc, took samples and swabs, so far was non plussed too, suggested could be a puncture or an adder bite, they are a mildly venomous member of the viper family, I hate them. Although they rarely kill large animals dogs etc, they will have a bad effect on older, ill health animals.
She was very pleased to be turned out this morning and did her usual nerve racking woobly canter and attempted buck. :)

UPDATE.. Thursday, Floris came back at 4pm examined,squeezed and flushed through the affected site again. She has always been so well behaved with this sort of thing, it was obviously very painful, shes such a little trooper, I felt so sorry for her.
Still I popped her out in the small orchard from 5pm till about now 8pm ish its cool in there , already in tree shade, she was happily chomping away at the grass, when I left her, I have drugs etc to add to her feeds tomorrow, and she was much improved from yesterday.
Floris had to take another set of swabs etc as the first were no good they just set!!.
Friday; Swabs in lab, first tests showed a mixed bag of contradictions, further tests being done today to identify which anti bacterial treatment will be best for specific bacteria present. She is on a broad spectrum one at present added to her feed with an anti inflamatory mix too. The swelling is no worse, just cleaning and treating topically, several times a day.
Saturday: Bright this morning as usual kean to get out in the field,ate her feed well, I cleaned up and treated her face, before being literally dragged along to the field, she is taking great advantage of me not being able to put a headcollar on her, which is really quite funny. :)
Sunday; Swelling going down well.
Monday; Looking better all round, fingers crossed. Vet very pleased with the progress.
Tuesday: Almost looking back to normal, just a bit of residual damage to skin in the area, healing well, nice and clean.
Thank you for allyour good wishes. Linda x

Tuesday 1 June 2010

No 4, A little Paint

Batons cut and hot glued in place, acrylic paint applied.
The Cheshire Cat, caused such self doubt when I was painting him as I find it very hard to position the brushes on 3D objects, with my loss of vision and subsequent perspective, but got there in the end.

They will be a lot more colourful, once I've added their ribboned collars and charms. I was working towards creating a whole bunch of these on The Alice in Wonderland theme, with a larger model for the reveal for The 2nd ADO Challenge( Sign up Today, and runs till July 8th, reveal then through the following weekend on all the participating blogs. Sadly I had forgottened how long these little guys take to make. Still, I will try and see what and Who I can make before the challenge runs its course.

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards