Friday, 17 July 2009

ADO Challenge Art Doll Revealed...

Well Here He is, 'Pyewackett' ,The Raven.
His body was modelled on a wire armature. His neck ends in a dressmakers dummy type peg, and his head is modelled in polymer clay, then painted and feathered, and in the best traditions of skeletons of course comes off, and just pops back on , so you can turn, or angle it.
This allows you to hang his Travel bag,(without ruffling his feathers) inside which are his stones he dropped to create Land(Earth), Drops of(Water) to make the fresh Lakes, Moon, Sun, Stars, he flies to up to hang in the sky(Air),to bring Light, and His firebrand(Fire) to bring heat and warmth to the World.
Inspired by The Native American Creation Stories, there are some beautiful versions of this story.
His head is decorated with Jesters ribbons and bells, as Ravens are also known as Jokers, with a wicked sense of humour. Pyewackett has a red feathered Carnival collar, a Christmas wreath necklet with hanging heart. 2 Inspirational hangers to hang inside his body, Dream & Inspire, and of course his Heart hanger. A Olde Worlde Map, and a Raven quill pen.
He carries along his journey a beribboned and decorated Dream Book ready to fill with ones desires, inside 6 tiny flip envelopes, and course the Treasure or Heart key hung around his neck.
Oh I nearly forgot, Pyewackett has a reversible satin feathered capulet cloaklet, feathered and jbells on one side to wear about his shoulders, or the plain feathered side out to wear as a Tail fan.
More Photos of his accessories (much better) on the Pyewackett's Blog ..

Thursday, 16 July 2009

ADO Doll Challenge

Art Doll Blog Event invited members and non members to experience the world of Art Doll Making by joining in their creative challenge.

The guidelines was to make a doll incorporating one or several of the 4 elements Earth, Air,Fire and Water.

I will Pop back Later today to post pictures of the Art Doll I made.
Just a hint... he is from the Animal kingdom, not a Pegasus or Unicorn!. With a touch of magic in his story, but of course I'm sure you guessed it would be something like that.....

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Poppy's Portrait Arrives from Sheila

My very own Portrait of my dear Poppy, arrived on wings from Sheila today!!

I cant tell you how touched I was that she has painted this for me, Its Stunning.

Here it is.. a picture paints a Thousand Words, ...Lindax
Sheila has some amazing blogs, and does great works for animal charities too, Please check them out.....

Friday, 3 July 2009

The Virtual pARTy

Here is my offering for July's Virtual Party
Its a mixed media, Hard pastels, Derwent soft pencils, and Watercolours on Pastel Paper. 9x12 inches

What's a Virtual pARTy?
A "pARTy" is where artists create work from the same reference material.

A "Virtual pARTy" is when this happens via the internet.

The Hosts of this innovative idea are
The wonderful Artists
who was also the Photographer who provided this months reference photograph for July

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards