Thursday, 17 September 2009

Halloween Cat

Sneak Preview of latest Halloween Wand, Witch's Cat.
These are all lovingly sculpted, sanded,painted and sewn, and a true OOAK (One Of A Kind) pieces of Art.
They all come signed Thrice, for Luck,underneath the head, and down the wooden baton and on their own unique label Tag.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Vintage Halloween Greeting Style Art

I was given the opportunity to view some of an elderly friends postcard collection, along with many local vintage views were some charming Whitney little witches, these were beyond cleanups, so I decided to redraw them trying to keep to the original style as much as possible. After going through the Kate Geenaway style redraws, which is much similiar to what I would probably do, I think I managed to 'get it' right. They are bit different, but hopefully not too much. I hope to do tags and maybe cards for Etsy with them and possibly sell the originals eventually when I've scanned them to satisfaction.

Two new Batons, Wands

Two new batons, or as it says on the vintage emphemera reference I found (after I'd made them), Witch wands.
The text reads;
Ride a Jack Pumpkin at Twelve-O-Night,
with a Witch's Wand as a Horse,
The Wicked Creatures Flee at the Sight,
and Die, of sheer Remorse.
' Goody Witch Raven' & 'Nevermore Raven',
both on Etsy soon.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ice Bear Project, Art in The Service of The Environment

Now back to more serious stuff, but Art raising conservation awareness in the form of a melting ice sculpture of a Polar bear.
Danielle Barlows Blog where was where I first saw this fantastic project highlighted Please pop over to her blog and read her post too, its a great blog too..

Renowned sculptor Mark Coreth is creating a life-sized sculpture of a polar bear out of ice for Trafalgar Square this December and then for major cities across four continents.
As each Ice Bear melts it will leave a skeleton, a pool of water and a powerful environmental message.
The Bear will be exhibited at ground level, so that everyone can reach out and touch this inspirational and iconic symbol of the Arctic. The Bear in the Square events will have a lasting impact on whoever experiences them.
FIND OUT MORE,On the Art and The Expedition Clips etc. on The Ice Bear Project Site
Sculptor, Mark Coreth will finish carving the bear from a huge block of white ice during the morning of Friday 11th December.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Byzantine Raven ArtDoll

Here he is all Finished ready to go onto Etsy in the next few Days.
'Byzantine Raven' , resplendant in lusters and metallic Golds.
This little thief of time was inspired by the Martin Brothers Grotesque Pottery of days gone by.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Three Jesters Batons,Snowshoe Hare, White Wolf, & Digger Dog

Here are The Three Finished Jesters Batons. You might have seen them in the early stages on The Pyewacketts Blog, any way ....UPDATE 8TH SEPT; They are all up for grabs on Etsy,... Now.

They are a One of a Kind OOAK, made in a modelling medium are completely 3D, and have delicate details and shading that unfortunately shows more in real life than in the Photographs, (Bright Sunshine didn't help). They are all mounted onto wooden Batons are signed underneath the heads and down the baton handle. They all have removable jesters beribboned collars/ruffs, and of course will bells on !

Snowshoe Hare, White Spirit Wolf, and Digger Dog

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards