Saturday 30 August 2008

New Jewellery Additions, Baroque Drops

Some nice Baroque Drops for Special Occasions or The Party Season, on Etsy soon. All in Gold Vermeil, 22kt Gold Plated onto solid Silver, with L-R;
Baroque Freshwater Pearls and Venetian Murano Glass Drops,in Klimt Design; Real Gold rolled into the beads as they are worked, with Milleflori Pinkish Mauve Flowers, and swirls of Black & Green.
Then a delicate Drop, incorporating a celtic swirl design, Baroque FW Pearl, and finished with a Swarovski Baroque Drop.

New Listing,Guinea Pig Gardener, Etsy

Hi ,Hope you enjoy this little Chap, he's busy at work in his Garden. Soon to be listed on Etsy Its a Watercolour & Ink Original Miniature 4" by 4" inches, Derwent Watercolour Pencils on Heavyweight Watercolour Paper.

I Love my Garden Bower,
for me its work and Play.
To tarry amongst the Flowers,
upon this Summers Day.

Thursday 28 August 2008

New Listings on Etsy

These are few of the items that will be listed on Etsy over the next few days, Hope you like them.

Wednesday 27 August 2008

A Lovely Charity

As a supporter of Dogs Trust, thank you so much for all your support. With your help, we look after around 16,000 dogs each year at our 17 rehoming centres across the country. A Dogs Trust Credit Card is another great way for you to help us take care of them. When you first use your card MBNA will contribute £20 to Dogs Trust plus, every time you spend on your card, Dogs Trust will receive 0.25% of the value of the purchase – all at no extra cost to you! Every single contribution that Dogs Trust receives helps - as little as £5 buys a large pack of tasty dog treats and £10 is enough to buy a special lead which helps dogs like Dai (pictured above), with their training. So, Apply Now to help look after and rehome these dogs

Or You can show your love for just £1 a week, by Sponsoring a Dog, There are lots to choose from, here are, Left to Right Harvey, Chad, & Shane see thumbnails above.
Our hearts are full of love and we want to share it with you.
Our difficult pasts can make it hard for us to find a home, but Dogs Trust promise to look after us for the rest of our lives if we need them to.
Your £1 a week will help Dogs Trust keep their promise to never put down a healthy dog, and in return you'll receive photos and news from your sponsored dog three times a year. You can even sponsor a dog as a gift!

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Squirrel proves a 'Batflip' is "No Problem Dude".

My Friends Karen and Paul are lucky enough to have this cheeky little visitor to their Garden, I am so envious. He performs the famous Bat Pigeon Flip(See Older Posts/Bat Pigeon July 15th),with consumate ease, right outside their window, What a Star.
Thank You for the Photos Karen.
The Scout, The Check, The Manoeuvre,The BatFlip....

Saturday 23 August 2008

The Red Squirrel Trust

The Red Squirrel Trust in conjunction with the Wight Squirrel Project is a registered voluntary organisation on the Isle of Wight and is affiliated to the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. Their aim is to educate, protect and promote Red Squirrels, their habitat and woodland fauna and flora. As the Trust receives no government funding they rely on the work of volunteers, donations and help from the public.There is a committee of 6 trustees with Honorary Patrons: Mr Chris Packham, Mr Shaw Taylor. Their aims are to educate and raise public awareness by:
Providing short talks - all groups of society will be catered for.
Take guided walks, or direct you to a facility where the public can see red squirrels. The charity as well as giving talks, provides information packs, and makes educational films. Funding was thanks to an Awards For All England Grant.
Funding to keep the charity running comes from donations, sponsorship, fund-raising, gift aid and grants.
If you would like to make a gift aid donation please contact The Red Squirrel Trust direct;
The Red Squirrel TrustPO Box 33Nicholson Road,Ryde,Isle of WightPO33 1BH
Registered Charity No. 1112374
Useful Links

A New Morning with Sunshine!

Just a quick update,on my girl, she walked out of her stable this morning, a little stiff as usual, but Great news, still walking straight.
The morning started with sunshine, and looks to continue with a good days forecast, after the dreadful wet and cold weather lately, it will be a welcome change.

Friday 22 August 2008

Good News

After Vav's visit, My dear old mare has walked in at supper time from the field to her stable in a straight line, with her back legs and hooves 'tracking up' correctly. Tracking up for non horsey people is walking straight with the hooves of the back legs walking in and over the hoof prints left from the front. I'm am so pleased, and relieved.
Vav's site Link
Natural Therapy Centre for Animals.

Stressful Time.

My Ederly Mare 33yrs young, had a very wobbly time on Wednesday, we found she was having difficulty moving her back legs her back was stiff and her near(left) hindleg seemed to be the worse. We have booked a local Horse Healer /Chiropractor, Vav Simon, to see her today at 1pm, we are hopeful she can sort her out again as she did before, when she was in a terrible state last year. I know she is very old, but she is Very Precious, and Loved too.

I have had such a rewarding relationship with 'Wednesday's Choice', this was her official registered name when I bought her from a friend, when she was 8yrs old, ( I had ridden her since she was 4yrs). She has the kindest disposition, but has always been a lively ride, I competed in Showing, and Eventing with her, and she was a dream ride. Her name came about as she was originally bought in the Hereford bloodstock sales, she was in the programme on the Wednesday sale day. She was retired from competition at 16yrs.

Friday 15 August 2008

WWF World Wildlife Fund

The Card that Helps Protect the Future of NatureHelp WWF save the planet just by using your WWF Visa® card. Chase will contribute $50 for each new WWF account opened and activated online. Then, each and every time you use your WWF credit card to make a purchase, WWF will receive 1 percent of the sale amount. There's no annual fee and you can select from one of three spectacular wildlife photographs--whale, panda or tiger. Since 1995, WWF has received more than $10 million from these animal credit cards.Also, if you have Chase Freedom Rewards points, you can turn them into a cash donation to support WWF--2,500 rewards points equal a $25 contribution to WWF. To redeem your rewards points, go online to or call 1-800-603-2265
Click on the WWF Site to see the new footage from the Amazon camera traps, read about The Elephant flying squad saving lives, the real solution to high gas prices, and get adorable new Orangutan Wallpapers for your computer..

Wednesday 13 August 2008

New Print

Here is part of the picture of 'Midsummer' a Pegasus foal watercolour, I traded with Artist friend Danielle Barlow, see her Blog,right, in my Favourite Blogs, she always has something interesting to view. The Mounted Prints are for sale in my Etsy Shop. Limited Edition of 1 to 50 , starting at the lowest numbers the first sale will receive number 1.
The Little Spotted Filly 'Midsummer' is trailing behind her Mother 'Dappledown', as they make their way back to The Celestial Rose Gardens to Sleep. Her Fairy Guardians appear as Dragonflies , as they dart back and forth to encourage her to catch up. Her mother foaled in the company of the older mare 'Raindance', who never strays far from the Rose Gardens, where the Roses grow into mighty Trees, whose fragrant blossoms fall and colour spot the Pegasus newborns coats. Midsummer’s Mother/Dam is 'Dappledown', and her Father/Sire is 'Storm Cloud' making her full sister to Colt,'Moonshadow', and the Filly 'Moondance'.

Amazing Blog

This is an amazing Blog for so many reasons, it will make you sad, make you smile, make you realise there are actually people that feel the same as you do about important and crazy things, the connection of being human.

Saturday 9 August 2008

Calculate your Carbon Footprint!!

Eeek, I had a shock when I calculated mine, as I thought I would have been a lot lower.. makes one reasess again what I could do better, on the bright side it usually saves you money too.
18%Food 7%Travel 45% Home 30% Other=
Carbon Footprint of 2.39=9.62 Tonnes per annum
Which means I'm living as if there were 2.39 Planets instead of the One
The Average for UK is 3.1(Obviously Lower and much higher scores make this up)
Try it Out.

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Treasury on Etsy

A lovely Surprise The Aceo Witch Gwendelyn, was included in the lovely artist Ida's Treasury spotlight, in the Treasury section, Titled, 0OThe Witching HourO0.
Thankyou so much Ida, Ida's shop on Etsy is Mizzdraconia.

Rainy Dog Day

Yes Its Started to pour with Rain, What a surprise, My labrador is a bit miffed about it. We have been waiting to go out for her walk, still one highlight in her morning, has been her favourite charity Magazine has arrived, as well as the doggy fun of 'seeing the postman off', through the letterbox. She always neatly brings in the post, to great praise, and of course a biscuit. The Magazine is Wag, which is the Dogs Trust Magazine. Dogs Trust is a worthy registered Charity, you can help them in many ways, just by sending them your old ink cartridges, in envelopes they will provide, or using one of their credit cards.
Heres their Link, Its a lovely site, lots of helpful doggy tips on welfare, and events as well as dog friendly holiday places to stay, well worth a look.

Cowes Week Sailing

So Far, since Saturday, the weather has been pretty changeable, with pouring rain and cold weather morning starts that end up with Hot baking sunshine, then back to freezing for the evenings. If you go out in a jumper you can bet the sun will shine, and you will fry, and of course, visa versa.
Here are a few of Cowes sights, I found, but not all happening this week though.

Monday 4 August 2008

Etsy New Listings.

A new Unbleached Cotton Bag Design has been added, Fairy Fawn and Snowdrops, and a 'Manga' type Witch Original Aceo, Gwendelyn Woodruff, Hope you like them..see Right,
Click on a picture, and it will teleport you to the listing page, on Etsy, for more information.

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards