Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reflections, on my Real Persona

Two posts in one day, inspired by changes in the music list, the two I mention, remind me of very different things. Yet they are somehow related in hiding and refelecting a different front to the world. The interview Rob Williams part of madonna (do watch the video)reminds me of myself hiding behind different personality traits. Going from a happy outgoing young child who would stand on a chair and sing to everyone to another just a few years on a very different 7 year old, made to feel self aware of all my supposed short comings and looks. This carried on into the teenage years to the fact that I would be physically sick at the prospect of going out and socialising, its always been there. I married a very well balanced super man who enjoyed life , I remember one evening coming home and trying to explain how I hadn't really enjoyed the evening as much as it appeared ( Life and Soul of the party Persona being Worn to full effect) and of course upsetting him, he really couldn't understand it. So I found its best not to confide,
as you usually upset people who matter, but you all now know and thats the truth of it. I'm very shy, I don't really enjoy partying unless I have the party face firmly grafted on, then sometimes I really do have fun, which is good, that I can shake it off now and again..
The Lola song reminds me of Danny, who was so shocked when I pointed out, what the Lola song he was merrily singing was all about, he still loved to sing it, a favourite song, good one Dan Williams. :)

Woozle, Wednesday's Choice

Woozle died a year ago today

She enabled me to have Fun and compete in a meriade of disciplines,and to a level I would never have aspired to without her.

Gentle spirit but full of fire and bravery.
RIP 17th August 2010

Never Forgotten.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Toby back to Work

Tob'y leg has healed well, so we are giving him some gentle short exercise rides to get his skin used to the saddlery again.

We are fine don't need rescuing TY

wait for me!!

Beautiful Horse and Rider

Please watch this is so lovely , Pause my music sounds the video has beautiful music to accompany it, just one of the videos Susan Williams has shared on Facebook.

Doma Vaquera • Dressage • √©quitation from Romain NEGRE on Vimeo.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cardmaking, Altered art for Cat Lovers

I spent a couple of days on and off creating this Cat and Kitten, Digital Sheet for Artwolf on Etsy.
Now I know why it takes me so long to make a card!!.
They incorporate two of my pastel drawings, Angel Feathers, and Peace to All.
Still now you don't have to, use them as they are, distress them, add Satin ribbons use as you will, to fire your creativity.

Its the Cowes Week Red Arrows Display

What a treat on your own doorstep.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fairy Digital Vintage Style Postcards

Artwolf has just added these Fae postcards to Etsy, for all cardmaking and papercrafting fun.
Apologies also to everyones blog I usually visit. For some strange reason, I don't seem able to register any comments, just seems to take me around in a loop.
Ahh well, I'm still enjoying all your blogs and work. :) Linda

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards