Friday, 21 August 2009

Raven Pastel Mixed media ' I Conjure Thee'

'I Conjure Thee '
Summoned through the Mists of Magic, Time and Space pay their obedience and homage to the Spell. The favoured Raven starts to assume his earthly form once again.
Mixed media, and Pastel work, complete size 11 1/2 square, framing to approx 9 1/2 inch square
Now available on Etsy

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Raven, Magpie Cartoon Art

Here are three new mixed media bird cartoons
'Raven Time'

'Raven Air'
All three are now on Etsy,
and will frame (visual area, showing) to approx 5 by 6 inches
Update these three are now on Etsy. 21st August

Monday, 17 August 2009

Wild Horses and More Blog

Carrols Blog 'Wildhorses and More' raises important issues of welfare and care of duty to the wildhorse herds in America Please pay a trip to her Blog and lend support with comments clicks and any way you can.

Update; Carrol has just left a comment that they are in the process of fighting to save 120 of their own wild horses from being sent to the slaughter houses, Thank you for the update, the more people know the better these practises should be exposed.

Thank you Carrol for the piece on Whoa Team and my Welsh Stallion Painting.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jersey Tiger Moth

This was the first time I had seen one of these, and have found it to be a Jersey Tiger Moth, The photo one of many I took with its wings closed it refused to open them except to fly away, it was a chilly day,. The colouring was very beautiful on the upper side of the wings a pretty Light Burnt Orange with creamy spotting. This was the info I found on it....

One of the most attractive of the Tiger moths, this species was until recently restricted in distribution to the Channel Islands and parts of the south coast . On the mainland it is commonest in south Devon, but colonies have recently appeared in Dorset and the 'Isle of Wight', and it has also been found in other southern counties. It now seems to be expanding its range quite quickly.
It flies both in the daytime, ( I took the photo at lunchtime) when it can be found feeding on various flowers, as well as at night, when it is attracted to light. The main flight period is July to September.
The hairy larvae feed on a range of herbaceous plants including nettle (Urtica)... (probably why it likes my Garden!!)

Friday, 7 August 2009

Cowes Week's Friday

Cowes Week's Fridays Attractions include a free display from the Red Arrows,we are fortunate as we live in the Area, and able to get stunning views of their Displays. With even more thundering fly pasts as they line up and fly low right over our house top roofs, heres just one of many...
As you can see, some are so close you can see the pilots..
Fireworks later tonight, when darker, after 9pm...

Sunday, 2 August 2009

New Treasury on Etsy PORTRAIT of FOUR PAWS

Many Artists/Artisans and Creators of works that are members of The Etsy Whoa Horse Artists Team, will happily accept commisions to create a piece of Original artwork of your own pets, and animals.
This is a commission I completed many years ago of a 'Fishtailer' dog, I was told they were American/Canadian dogs originally used by the native americans for helping them catch fish. The lady who owned the one in the picture later commissioned a double portrait of her daughters two dogs, also Fishtailers, they had their Mountain rescue red official crosses on their collars as they were both used in mountain rescue on Mountains and Moors.
SARDA Search and Rescue Dogs Association( A Registered Charity)
A job which they loved and were very good at too.

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards