Sunday, 28 June 2009

Breakfast on Rose Petals

One of Woozle's favourite breakfast snacks on her meander down the lane on the way to her field are the small white roses growing in the hedgerow. She absolutely insists on a mouthful or two, and who am I or Mark to deny her that small pleasure.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Tea Party Toast Sun & Moon

The Mad Hatters Tea Party was hosted virtually on a meriad of blog sites to celebrate the party Day 27th June

Well Heres a Toast " To The Sun and The Moon" and "Many More Parties".
There are Strawberry Cocktails,Champagne and fruit drinks.
You can see the last glow of Dusk, and the Moon near the bottom of the Glass.
If You are just arriving check the previous 5 Tea Party posts, and stay as long as you like.

Tea and Fairy Cakes

Prince Can't Wait till 2pm

Prince has special permission from Oberon himself to attend the Tea Party as an Official Elvish Royal Prince.

He has already started on the doggy treats and games.

Early Arrivals to The Tea Party

Mac ,The Fairy Godmother's Westie arrived in a shower of Stars and sparkle, Predominately because he has borrowed her Wand. What Fun!

The Cheshire Cat has now just appeared in a bush, but not before he placed his own Puss Teacup and saucer on the grass, ready for catnip tea.

Tea Party;..Just a few Hours to Wait...

After Passing Through The Rose Briar's Gate into Avalon. You take The first Signpost that says Cottages, Yes thats the one by the Daisies, trundle down the lane a bit till you get to The Garden Gate. Say you have come to The Party and will take Tea and 'Pop' you will be there. see you later.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

New Addition to Our Family

Midnight Prince
See Poppy's Blog for more Pictures and details.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Summer Solstice, Stonehenge

The sun failed to shine as dawn broke with an overcast sky. An estimated over 36,000 people revelled in the festival's atmosphere at the site of Stonehenge, the ancient stone circle on England's Salisbury Plain
Druids, dressed in their ceremonial robes, and groups of followers from different beliefs to whom the day and the circle are important, were mixed with an electic micture of Morris dancers, musicians, and drummers all gathered alongside the many visitors from all over the world.
The sun rose at 4.58am, cheered on from those gathered to witness this special event, and to welcome in the longest day. It was a peaceful, happy occasion of celebration.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Little Hen Rescue.. Fun Day in August

The next batch of jackets (21) posted today, Thank you Margaret for the fleece.
As Well as all The serious work the Charity does they are having a fundraiser Fun day, "text" from their website...
"Saturday 13th August 2009
The Ex Battery Hen Show!
Who would've thought our girls would be beautiful enough to be in a Poultry Show!
Bring your hens to enter in games and show or simply come along to support us and join in the fun"...
Classes include. The Fluffiest Bottom!!
Fun activities for children, and improve your Hen knowledge, allsorts check it out..
Rehoming rescued Battery Chickens, can you provide a home, or can you knit or cut out a jumper for them from sweatshirt material, its real easy....see previous post below

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Sunday Morning

We were up early and decided to have a stroll around in the sunshine and take a few pictures, Woozle is sporting one of her sun dresses (anti fly UV). We wandered about drove down to the seafront and met one of my local friends Sarah riding her horse. She and I dont like being in photos, so I was threatened with dire consequences should they appear, but the paparassi managed to get an arm of mine in and Sarah's boot, so we'll let that one pass. Her grey is a Lovely chap, he was watching this little dog who was having a great time chasing seagulls.

Monday, 8 June 2009

June 8th World Oceans Day, Greenpeace battles on....

Charles Clover's movie version of his book, The End Of The Line is due to be shown around the UK on Monday 8th June, World Oceans' Day. The movie features the problems affecting bluefin tuna in a big way, and features Charles' and Greenpeace's campaign to get Nobu to delist bluefin tuna too.

The advert above appeared in a recent London's Evening Standard issue, and does so amidst increasing pressure on the swanky Nobu sushi restaurant chain. The issue of course is that Nobu continue to serve bluefin tuna, which is officially listed as an endangered species by the IUCN. That makes it equivalent to serving up gorilla, tiger or rhino on a plate.

a diverse range of Nobu's A-list clientele are requesting them to take it off the menu. The list includes Stephen Fry, Sienna Miller, Stuart Townsend, Charlize Theron, Zac Goldsmith, Woody Harrelson, Ted Danson and Alicia Silverstone.

"It's astounding lunacy to serve up endangered species for sushi.
There’s no justification for peddling extinction,
yet that is exactly what Nobu is doing in restaurants around the world."
Stephen Fry

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Garden Birds

Mark was far too quiet this morning, I had suspected he was up to no good, (Glued to TT motorcycle Racing on TV),but he then appeared with a mass of photographs of one of our blue tit families, Here are just a few. I had better make him a nice coffee now.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Materials Arrive,Flowers & a Gift in the Post

After having a rather down bad morning, full of angry people, my day was brightened by a new consignment of super soft fleece materializing on my doorstep, a donation from ace animal lover my friend Margaret.
Then followed by a knock on the door from the 'Post Lady' delivering an awesome gift from Julie See the Pywacketts Blog.
Chased in quick succession by an enormous bunch of fabulously beautiful sunshiny flowers, from another local friend Sonia, just to cheer me up, she had just heard about dear Poppy.
I spent the afternoon cutting out more jackets, while watching period dramas on TV. I've got up to 15 and still more fleece!, but they will have to go on hold for a few days as I've just been to the chiropractor this evening, and feeling my age...

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jackets for Rescue Chickens

I managed to hand sew 12 vests to Post off tomorrow, I didnt have all the suggested materials so 4 are sweatshirt material, with button up side tabs, 4 are Thermal very soft vest material with ties, and managed to squeeze another 4 out of sweatshirt material with ties.
12 in all, not a great number, but its a start...
to Give hope to the sewing challenged, here our some of the ones I'm posting.
As you can see I've covered all my mistakes with liberal sprinkling of hearts..

Please read the post below for all Rescue info..

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards