Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunrise Photograph

Taken very early Saturday morning.
I think this will have to be a Limited Edition Run in Artwolf's Etsy Shop

Saturday, 27 September 2008


These photographs were taken by my partner Mark, these were some amazing wood carvings we saw on our travels round the Island today. The Hare and the Magpies were in Arreton, carved into a cut down tree stump.
The second The Koi, was in Godshill a small part of the car park was given to a little peaceful place to sit and contemplate and was in rememberance of Matthew, a young man who passed away, and was commissioned by his family. A beautiful tribute.
These are great photographs of amazing art with heart, and given that Mark only had the camera passed to him, and not years of slog and hard experience, they were far too good so he had to be punished, hence the stocks.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Aceo Cards Sets now on Sale on Ebay

Sets of The Ist Edition Playing Cards are now begining to become available for sale and auction on Ebays site. Some with Prints and one Original.
Just type in Aceo Playing cards in search for a few sneak previews
Limited 1st Edition run of 1250 worldwide.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Things are pretty slow here, I've being trying to put together some entries for one of my Ebay groups YBA new yearly Aceo Art awards.

Arrived home, yesterday evening, and waiting on the doorstep, was a parcel with my playing cards sets in , from the US, and a beautiful bunch of carnations an old friend always leaves them for me if I'm not in.
The playing cards, are an Aceo artists deck, with 52 cards and 2 jokers, and an info card, all with different pictures rendered by aceo ebay artists, it was a great project and I was lucky enough to get to portray a card, The 4 of Diamonds.
There will be decks for sale on Ebay, by different artists in the coming weeks ahead, and some signed artists decks too, with every card signed by the original contributing artist.
See one of the older posts below for more info and a click on button.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Seagull Aerobatic Displays

Whoever thought half a loaf of sliced bread could provide such entertainment and rewards for the participants. These Gulls were really experts at hovering and waiting for us to throw pieces of bread

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunsets and Butterflies

This beautiful sunset was captured on an Autumn Evening,Last year, and these Butterflies taken one afternoon,this Year.
All the images are owned and copyright to Artwolf 2008

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Yesterday Talk like a Pirate Day 19th September

I'm sad to say I just missed 'Talk like a Pirate Day', I love Johnny D's Film Portrayal, still I shall just have to do a bit of practise today....Take what you can, and give nothing in return!!!HAah

Friday, 19 September 2008

Geese, Hissing Sid

Heres a Lovely picture of the small flock of geese kept at the farm where I stable my horse. They actually look very peaceful in this picture, quite opposite to how they usually react to me. When I empty my wheelbarrow, the gander usually takes this as his signal to creep up behind me and attack; In the winter with wet ground I'm usually alerted in time, as I hear the flapping of his feet in the final run down to peck me in the breeches!. Still they do look very calm here. They all have very nice names, but all I can think of as far as the ganders concerned is 'Hissing Sid'.

White Air Extreme Sports Festival Weekend

19th to 21st September. A line up of sports events for this extreme festival from Thundercat European Championships, Windsurfing UK Freestyle Championships, Kitesurfing, Surf, SUP, Skate Ramps and street with Suso, BMX on the ramps, Parkour, European Mountain Board Freestyle on the radical RAF White Air ramps, FMX shows its face for the first time, Sailing, Kayak, Mountain Bike freestyle and trials, Flatland BMX, Turfdogs land Windsurfing, Jet Ski, Frisbee, Inline, Land Yacht, Jet Ski, Digital dj mixing, Hard Grafft, and loads more.
A chance for the public to come and have a go at new sports,and arts.
The Red Arrows will be performing in the skies on both Saturday and Sunday. The Live Stage also continues at White Air….three days and two evenings of live groups and djs …..check out the music section on the White Air web site for the full line-up!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

New Pocket Purse Mirrors

New additions on Etsy including these

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Over The Moon, Halloween Decoration

Heres another new offering, Over The Moon on one side,with a little Cat and Mouse on their Broomstick, and Bramble Birds on the other, with a twinkling of glitter, Purple Ribbon & Black and white Bow, Bag and gift tag. Layering of paints and rubbed/aged to add to background patina.

Music on Blogsite

There are over 70 different songs on the playlist (Scroll down to the right)You can switch it off,or pause or scroll down till you find something you hopefully might enjoy, at the moment the first 13 songs are Halloween themed.(Lovely Voice over in the end of Thriller by Vincent Price) To find something different scroll on down.

Spooky Handpainted Halloween Heart

Soon on Etsy; This Halloween Themed Birchwood Hanging Heart, Spooky Tree with Fullmoon one side, Pumpkin Other, with Pumpkin Orange Ribbon and Black and White bow, Black GiftBag & Tag.
Gloss Winsor & Newton Arcylic Varnish; UV absorbing, and HCFC Free.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

New Keychains/Keyrings

See Etsy Shop, some new offerings in the process of being listed. There are more than shown here...
Along with the two new OOAK Handpainted Black Halloween Bunny Hangers, shown Right.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Flying School & Morning Milk Run

The Importance of learning to fly your broomstick cannot be underestimated, as this little puss is finding out at The Ancient and Respected Familiars Flying School.

Once accomplished familars regularly perform tasks such as The Morning Milk Run.
Two Offerings, soon on Etsy.

Halloween 'Cat's Fur Ball'.

These two are off to The Halloween Cats Fur Ball,
Unmounted Aceo Prints & Magnets soon on Etsy

Friday, 12 September 2008

Raven Mirror

Raven Mirror new to Etsy for Halloween.

Ravens & Halloween

With Halloween Season Fast approaching, I hope you enjoy these New Limited Edition Prints The two Tower Ravens Right have now been listed on Etsy, as soon to follow is this Print of Gwynan, Queen of he Dark Woods Raven Clan. Featured also Right.....

Monday, 8 September 2008

Happy Birthday Fran

Happy Birthday to My Childhood Friend Fran.
Hope youre having a Great Day!!
Lots of Love
Linda x

Chatter takes Tea

New premounted Miniature Print ,
now available now on Etsy.
Tea and Fairy Cakes Series
Limited Edition of 50
'Chatter', the Chipmunk has found the perfect
place to rest, and have his own Berry Tea.

Friday, 5 September 2008


Ivor is a wonderful gentleman, who has a ready smile and a joke for all he meets. He is a real survivor, badly injured by srapnel fighting in WW2, he was captured and then taken to a POW camp. Towards the end, an even more desperate struggle for survival by the hundreds of thousands of allied POW’s held in Nazi Germany during the final months of the war. As the Nazi world collapsed around them, Nazi SS in desperation began to move their prisoners (American, British, and many other nationalities) deeper into Germany to stop their liberation, retaining them as hostages, against their own uncertain future. These moves were often death marches taken on foot in severe winter conditions with insufficient food, and no winter clothing. During 'The Long March', many of his fellow prisoners died, Ivor himself still suffers from the frostbite to his face, ears and feet and hands, Yet he is a grateful survivor. He has two sons and grand children.
Above he is pictured with his much loved border collie dog 'Ross'.
Ross has, since this photo was taken, sadly passed on.


Just Click on the Link at the bottom of this text to find out all about this EbayAceo Artist & Collectors Group, and the first of their Annual Awards. There are 35 different categories, Its free to join, If youre an artist with feedback of 5 or more from Jan to September you can enter, artist, and collector members can vote on their favourite entries. Anyway in case I've got confused, all the info is available on the Link courtesy of Wendy and Robert.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Heritage Photographs for Scrapbooks

I thought I share this amazing photo with you, June my neighbour, now in her late seventies was an avid dancer,(and still is)and in the same dance troupe as my own Mother but one of the younger members. When I saw this photograph of her as a 4 yr old,dressed for her performance of 'Top Hat and Tails',(A Singing and Tap Dancing part!) I offered to clean up the scratched original, and do some copies. As this was such an amazing photo I thought it deserved to be displayed, so made up an 8 inch square scrapbook page (The one above is the Original 12" square Page)and framed it for her.
What incredible talent lies hidden away sometimes, and doesn't she look fantastic, and only 4yrs old!...

Lady Frances Candytuft Woodmouse

Another two new Little Watercolour Miniatures.
Lady Frances, left,
Little Billy Butterbean , right.

New Watercolour Art

This little Westie Pup, 'Katy', is Tavish's sister, and soon to appear on Etsy; a new offering is using Derwent Watercolour Pencils on Fine textured Double Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper.(This paper is a fine pressed paper, without the rough texture reminiscent of most watercolour papers, enabling fine detail not to be hampered by the texture) The image size is approx 3 1/4 "inches square with the paper background extending to 4 3/4" Inches square, leaving plenty of room for framing.

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards