Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Alternate Paths, or Imaginings

Hi I been tagged, by fellow artist
So I’ve decided to list these seven previously untold, .Alternate Paths, or Imaginings.
I have some scraps of memory very clear visually, but I haven’t a clue where they are from, these are the first three listed...
One is my riding under some low fir trees. Its Autumn/Winter, I can smell the pine scent, and the horses body, I think I’m side-saddle, but not sure, and I’m wearing long fine leather gloves a soft hat, speared with some clip at the side which I’m worried about losing, as I keep checking it.
The second is its definitely Winter, I’m cold, Stamping my feet which are in leather buttoned boots with extend above the ankle with a small heel. I’m wearing a dark subdued heavy weight burgundy velvet jacket, and floor length skirt, I don't seem to have a coat, I’m waiting for a coach. I have a small bag or luggage of some kind.
The third, I’m a child 5/6yrs its very hot its summer, I’m skipping along as children do. there are roses down the side of the drive. I think a man ,maybe my father , is under the car working on something. Its an american looking car maybe 1940-50’s
The next four, are just some of the lives I would have liked to have lived. (I have a big List)
Became a notorious, and hopefully uncaptured lady highwayman. As in The Wicked Lady (1945) starring Margaret Lockwood. (In actual fact I would have probably been an notorious horse thief and got myself hanged at the crossroads!)
Lived the life of a Cowgirl, just horses, and my trusted dog. (which probably equates to slept in the barn like a hobo)
Taken to an ‘Indiana Jones’ style life of adventure, treasure hunts, following clues through history, cracking the codes, fending off the evil villains and of course getting the treasure. (Been a terrible geek, and just visited lots of museums; which I already do & enjoy)
High Seas adventure as a villainous and ruthless Pirate Privateer, the scourge of The Spanish Maine.
(Who knows perhaps I could have managed that one!)

Thats it!, hope you enjoyed those I’m not tagging anyone else this time, as most people I know blogwise, have all been tagged recently.


Debra Keirce said...

You could turn that into an avante gard screen play Linda!

Linda said...

He he, I might have to Deb if times get much harder!!Lindax

artbyakiko said...

Could the first three images be coming from the memories of your past lives? Interesting.
Linda, thanks for visiting my blog! I added your link in my blog. :)

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OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards