Thursday, 21 July 2011

Susan Williams- Facebook

I saw TV footage once of the round ups,wheeling helicopters, terrified horses, broken legs, dying foals.

Quote from Susan Williams-Facebook Page
"Today lets stop for a moment and hold the space for our wild ones as the roundups start in Nevada. The monstrous helicopters will begin removing 1700 horses from their range. It is difficult to comprehend how our efforts seem to fall upon deaf ears".


BluMoon said...

How horrible!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

It is really far worse than you can imagine. I follow Cloud the stallion on facebook. Nova (I think) did a special on his life several years ago and the program has helped to bring the cruelty done to the wild horses to light. Unfortunately many people in the western states (cattle ranchers and other ranchers mostly) think the wild horse is an unnatural blight upon the land and needs to be removed any way possible. The BLM is suppose to protect the wild horses but in reality are just as cruel as the people who used to erdicate them by shooting them. With the government cutbacks the wild horses will suffer even more if responsible defenders don't step forward and raise a fuss.

Linda said...

So Few who care compared to the majority that dont, this is so sad and tragic.

Celtic Cat said...

This is terrible!

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OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards