Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fly Past Pomp & Ceremony

After The drive by, The crowds are allowed to fload The Mall Right up to The Palace. Where The Queen and family members appeared on the balcony. A Stirring Fly past by Dakota and Lancaster Bombers flanked by Spitfires was Followed by the Red Arrows display team flying over the Palace streaming Red, White and Blue Smoke. The Irish Guards Proceeded with Gunfire Salutes and this was followed by their removing their ceremonial Busbees, and Tradional Cheering the Queen, which seem to delight Her Majesty.

Royal Luncheon and Home for a Cuppa

The two greys, I believe the darker ones are named Storm and Cloudy, which was appropriate for the weather. The Red Carriage horse neck dressings,decoration and pompoms were specially made for this Diamond Jubilee. The coachperson from the third coach that would have been in the prosession presents the tradional bouquet always left in the carriage for the Queen on her return to the Palace on this occasion.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Gift Box Assembly Step by Step

Click on pictures to see a larger version.
1.Print and cut out your template and tags etc on sheet leaving a small amount of white waste surrounding each piece, this will protect your pieces  edges should you decide to store them for future use.
2. Cut into any corners, a centre and side cuts to faciltate ease of cutting. Cut right up to the templates line edges this will stop over cutting into the template, also cut out any tight places 2A, before cutting out the main template for your Box.
3. When cutting out the rest leave in the little arrow markers at the top edges, this are there to help you centre and line up your hole punching for the ribbon or ties. they can be snipped off after you have punched the holes Hole punching can be  completed before glueing or later after your glue has set.
4. Score and crease all the lines directly on the lines, and crease well, this will help you when assembling your Gift box.
5. Apply glue to the two small lower Side tabs
6. Bend around and glue to the bottom of the Box
7. Bend the large bottom tab to the inside of the Box and Glue the small side tab and stick to the remaining   side's edge.
8. Looking inside your box you can see there is only the bottom large tab left to Glue.
9. Bend to the inside and apply glue with card or spread with finger.
10. Push back aginst the boxes side using a flat surface or ruler to push aginst, so as not to crease your box.
11. Line up the two arrow tabs and punch a hole straight through the two sides held together, using the arrows as a centreing guide.

 The next two pictures shown a box made up, decorate with glitter, ribbon and have fun.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Queens Horses and Dogs

Celebrating the diamond Jubilee with the Queens Horses & Dogs

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards

OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards