Thursday, 14 July 2011

Meet Toby

I was kindly offered Toby on a summer loan from the local Hunt stables.
Toby is a big lad we estimate about 17.2hh at least, although we havent put a measure to him. Our first challenge was finding a headcollar and girth to fit, after scouring the Island's shops, we managed to find one headcollar large enough, and one girth 58inches. Woozles old bridle just about fitted, at a slight pinch (term of speech, nothing painful) and we purchased a larger bit, a bargain curtesy of Ebay, added a sheepskin numnah for comfort and a exlarge double bridle, yet to be oiled. After a period of adjustment Toby is settling well into a slightly more relaxed way of life, starting to trust me, and mind his P's and Q's, which for Toby means, don't tread on my feet, or shove me over.
We had had him reshod and were starting to ride him regularly when Toby stuck his leg through a gate in the field. Now both the gates are cloaked in tarps as Toby has a bad habit of pawing for attention and titbits from passing adoring fans.
Cut and badly beat up, hes been on meds antibiotics, and inflammatry reducers in his feed, for which we had to invent sneaky ways of making them taste better, and different creams for the wound on his leg. Hes doing well, and soaking up the attention.
Heres some pics of him before the accident.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

So pleased for you Lynda! He looks like a grand horse with a nice way of moving.

Hope his leg heals quickly so you can get back to riding.

Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Ohhh! Toby's a very handsome fellow! :-)

Linda said...

TY me too, its going well, fingers crossed, he hasn't an once of malice in him, but he might just tread on you and not notice it type of thing. :)

Linda said...

Yes, smiling, hes a handsome fellow in a big bloke sort of way.:)

Kathleen said...

Very handsome! Wow - and he is a big boy! Hope he is healing up quickly.

art2cee2 said...

He is so handsome, Linda. I just love big horses. My sis has a gray that is huge and my daughter who is 5 foot 2 can just about walk underneath her. You should have emailed me when you were looking for girths and bits, I do run a Tack Shop you know! :-)

Linda said...

Hes doing very well TY, I'm really pleasantly surprised considering how grim it looked to start with.
I didnt know Crystal, wish you had it in the UK !! we get really stung by customs here with anything that comes in. Its supposed to be random, but they seem to get everything of mine, regardless if it should be txd or not, even photos, or they confiscate them!!.

horsecrazy said...

omg! what a beast!!! I love big horses like that! Hopefully I will get to ride some big ones like that at school this year. although it might be wierd because my current horse is a little 15.1 half arab/paint. And I really like his color! :)

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OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards