Thursday, 3 June 2010

Woozle in The Wars & Updates

Spent yesterday up and down to the farm, re vets visits to Woozle, she had a big lump come up under her cheek. To me it looked like a black thorn puncture gone nasty, blood puss, etc. The Vet ,Floris arrived from our Island's Liphook Practise, and was very thorough, after a complete check over he flushed & drained out the affected area many times, gave her penicillin, antibiotics etc. Shes still eating, and noshing grass, which is a good sign, as its keeping the jaw active too, we will have to see how it goes today.
He checked teeth etc, took samples and swabs, so far was non plussed too, suggested could be a puncture or an adder bite, they are a mildly venomous member of the viper family, I hate them. Although they rarely kill large animals dogs etc, they will have a bad effect on older, ill health animals.
She was very pleased to be turned out this morning and did her usual nerve racking woobly canter and attempted buck. :)

UPDATE.. Thursday, Floris came back at 4pm examined,squeezed and flushed through the affected site again. She has always been so well behaved with this sort of thing, it was obviously very painful, shes such a little trooper, I felt so sorry for her.
Still I popped her out in the small orchard from 5pm till about now 8pm ish its cool in there , already in tree shade, she was happily chomping away at the grass, when I left her, I have drugs etc to add to her feeds tomorrow, and she was much improved from yesterday.
Floris had to take another set of swabs etc as the first were no good they just set!!.
Friday; Swabs in lab, first tests showed a mixed bag of contradictions, further tests being done today to identify which anti bacterial treatment will be best for specific bacteria present. She is on a broad spectrum one at present added to her feed with an anti inflamatory mix too. The swelling is no worse, just cleaning and treating topically, several times a day.
Saturday: Bright this morning as usual kean to get out in the field,ate her feed well, I cleaned up and treated her face, before being literally dragged along to the field, she is taking great advantage of me not being able to put a headcollar on her, which is really quite funny. :)
Sunday; Swelling going down well.
Monday; Looking better all round, fingers crossed. Vet very pleased with the progress.
Tuesday: Almost looking back to normal, just a bit of residual damage to skin in the area, healing well, nice and clean.
Thank you for allyour good wishes. Linda x


Danielle Barlow said...

Oh poor Woozle :( I hope she gets better soon. It's such a worry isn't it, especially when they are getting on in years and not as strong as they used to be ( though Woozle looks remarkably well!)

Linda said...

Yes, animals are a treasure and a big worry, just like children :)

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I hope she gets better sooner! She looks great for her age and I'm sure all the loving care you give her helps a lot.

Annette F Tait said...

Hoping she is fully recovered soon Linda!
I can imagine her wobbly canter and kick! Arabella is getting on, though she's not an oldie, but I know when she tries to act like a youngster and just doesn't quite make it anymore :)
I've never seen an adder (yet) and I can imagine the stress for older beings if they get a bite.
(Maybe the adder thought it was a never-ending banquet it was getting!!) Thank goodness for Woozle's resilience! sending hugs xxx Annette

Celtic Cat said...

Glad to hear the vet could help her, and I hope she is better real soon!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Glad to hear that Woozle is improving! Although a punctue is bad enough, at least it wasn't an infected tooth. Also glad she's enjoying her pasture outtings! :-)

~ Deb

BluMoon said...

So glad to hear Woozle is on the mend, though it is more likely a blackthorn punture not an adder. I remember my neice when she was about nine or ten got a blackthorn in her foot, my dear sister got me to take her to our local hospital and wouldn't come in as she couldn't stand the screams and tears, it was just the worst thing ever to get out but it had to be done or the foot would poison and she may even have lost it!

Linda said...

They are quite evil things arent they, and always seem to have a really nasty effect, natures poison darts. :(

Kathleen said...

Oh - poor Woozle! praying she gets well very fast!

Carol Anne Strange said...

Hope Woozle is better soon, Linda. Bright wishes. xx

Annette F Tait said...

thanks for the update Linda, glad she is getting better! She has the gentlest face ever, such a sweetie! best wishes, Annette

Donna said...

Linda, We have a big horse, Tex. I 'm not sure what kind he is...he's really big and black. :o) Sorry, my daughter is his owner and isn't here so I can't ask her.

I just had a question. Does Woozle get ill very much and if so is it because of his age? I'm just wondering as we've never needed a vet..just a farrier.

Linda said...

The care is the same for all ages of horse really, just the older ones are a bit less resiliant than a fit horse in their prime. Shes has been very well, althrough the time I have had her, its mainly been odd accidents in the field environment, or injuries while competing.. for vets visits.
As they get older they really need regularly teeth checks,as the teeth get out of alignment, and get sharp hooks from wear,stopping them eating. A regular worming program keeps all ages well too, oldies feel the cold more, So can need extra food, or change of diet to a more digestible one and warmth and shelter are a big must. Cold and wet with wind chill are a big danger, as are really hot conditions, dehydration, overheating, fly worry.
Just treat them as you would an older person.

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