Sunday, 30 December 2012

Drawing to the End of the Year 2012

Its been quite a year, its had ups and downs health and life wise, and although thats not an excuse, I do sincerely apologise to any blog followers I still may have retained through my absence, for the lack of posts and photographs. Although I never make New Years resolutions I do hope to remedy the above absence next year with a 'I promise to make at least a weekly posting' resolution.
This year saw the return of my dear Monty to his owner Malcolm, who is very pleased with how well he is going for him, I have visited a few times and Monty seemed as pleased as I by the reunion, and showered me with slobbery horse kisses, which I love. I must admit to a deep affection and bond that formed with him, it was quite a wrench to give him back and so sad for me too, epecially on leaving as he didnt want to enter the horsebox until I led him up.
In that autumn I received a new horse on loan, to work with, Jack. Who has come with a repretation as a bit of a reprobate in so many ways, I have had him with me just over 4 months now, and although progress is slow, I am begining to see some nicer character traits emerging slowly now. I was hoping to do a little more work with him with the help of Mark in these holidays, but the weather has been so bad and as all the fields are completely water logged it has just not been possible. The water logging has been so bad the seepage had started to come up through my ancient stable flooring, what a nightmare. Prince my labrador is hale and hearty and doesn't mind what the weather brings as long as he can play in the park, and see some of his doggy friends.
A few girl friends and I had got together one day a week, 'very sewing bee', to spend the day chatting and sewing around the kitchen table. We made felt Christmas decorations prior to Christmas, and each of us took turns providing a lunch. It was pleasant to spend most of a day crafting and chatting, with no pressing time agenda and without feeling guilty we should have been doing something else. Hopefully we will continue these days in some form in the New year. I have been trying out felting, I started off by making a small mouse. I didn't seem to be able to find a lot of information about the subject, except a video that showed making the basic shape by stabbing the wool ball with the barbed needle, so armed with that very basic info, I bought a small bag of white wool and a couple of needles, and winged it. I managed to stab my fingers almost as much as the wool, but eventually got the hang of it and finished the little mouse. I added glass bead eyes which I sewed on, and lightly coloured the details. I didn't add any wire to the structure. just the wool which if you compressed enough with the needle stabbing will support the little model.


De la Renaissance said...

Hello Linda!

So glad to see you back at your blog and that you are getting sometime to enjoy life! :0)

I've been sending up prayers for you. :0)

Looking forward to more of your wonderful posts!!

Sue Clinker said...

What a lovely photo of you and Monty at the seaside. Its been a few years since I rode along the beach/in the sea and sadly I had to have my mare (Roxy) PTS last month so no longer ride.

Lovely photo and great that you are back and Blogging again ....

Best wishes for 2013

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Hi Linda!

So happy to see you back again!

Lovely photo of you on Monty in the sea. You really look natural on a horse.

Prince has grown into a wonderful looking boy.

Look forward to a better 2013 for the both of us!

karen said...

Hi Linda,
Nice to read your blog again, ive missed it.
Monty & Jack looks really good especially in the sea.
Cant wait to get going on our craft days again, its a lovely way to spend the day xx

BumbleVee said...

I've just been scrolling backwards and see that you are new to felting ..and yet...your little horse and mouse felts are great....

Have you been to Middle of Nowhere blog? Gretel does some amazing felting... Molly Makes magazine has some of her things in it and she gives some info on it...

I, too, do some felting...although lately not much... but hope to get back at it soon..if my hand and arm will take it... and am just self taught after buying 3 little bears on Ebay... decided to make my own as it would get too expensive buying many......

Abi said...

Parting with horses is so difficult, even when they are loaned eh. Do you still have your current horse?... I'd be interested to hear if he is still a reprobate!!


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