Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reflections, on my Real Persona

Two posts in one day, inspired by changes in the music list, the two I mention, remind me of very different things. Yet they are somehow related in hiding and refelecting a different front to the world. The interview Rob Williams part of madonna (do watch the video)reminds me of myself hiding behind different personality traits. Going from a happy outgoing young child who would stand on a chair and sing to everyone to another just a few years on a very different 7 year old, made to feel self aware of all my supposed short comings and looks. This carried on into the teenage years to the fact that I would be physically sick at the prospect of going out and socialising, its always been there. I married a very well balanced super man who enjoyed life , I remember one evening coming home and trying to explain how I hadn't really enjoyed the evening as much as it appeared ( Life and Soul of the party Persona being Worn to full effect) and of course upsetting him, he really couldn't understand it. So I found its best not to confide,
as you usually upset people who matter, but you all now know and thats the truth of it. I'm very shy, I don't really enjoy partying unless I have the party face firmly grafted on, then sometimes I really do have fun, which is good, that I can shake it off now and again..
The Lola song reminds me of Danny, who was so shocked when I pointed out, what the Lola song he was merrily singing was all about, he still loved to sing it, a favourite song, good one Dan Williams. :)


BluMoon said...

You are not alone, my husband is much the same very shy if he has to socalise, ok when he is with just a few people he knows well but he never parties unless its family and even then he is not always happy. His work has helped him a lot as he used to have to do presentations, take clients to dinner and travel abroad.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

You definitely are not alone! I'm very shy to the point people who don't know me think I am aloof, cold or stuck up. Socializing is painful unless with close friends. Large crowds are shear torture. My husband doesn't understand, he's outgoing and warm and stuck with someone who has to be dragged out of the house to party. I stopped trying to explain my feelings to him years ago. His eyes would always glaze over. :)

Linda said...

TY for that, Jackie and Gail I was starting to feel I was the only one on the planet, wI was starting to think I had been dropped off by a UFO. :)

Admin said...

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OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards