Sunday, 28 March 2010

Clocks Change to British Summertime

Saturday evening, we took part in the Earth Hour at 8.30pm we lit candles around the house, and I enjoyed a relaxing candlelit bath. Prince our labrador slept all through it, blissfully unaware of the peaceful protest.
We remembered to change most of the house clocks to British Summertime, for us here in the UK that means putting the clocks forward 1 Hour; Spring forward 1 Hour, Fall/Autumn back 1 Hour.
I guess that means Spring has officially arrived.


Celtic Cat said...

I don't mind falling back, but I hate springing forward!

When I do the time change crossing South Dakota, I feel terrible losing an hour.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hurray for spring! We turned our clocks forward on the 14th! Love the days lasting longer. :) Theresa

DeLaRenaissance said...

Beautiful photos Linda! We took part in Earth Hour as well, had a candlight dinner and took some time to relax away from computer or tv. Without the grandkids this time, we passed on game night.

I love Spring, rebirth of the earth, flowering trees and bushes, return of the birds with their beautiful singing!!

Lynn said...

Yay spring!
I didn't find out about Earth Hour until today...oops.

Rue said...

I like that name "British Summertime" - better than "crap - I have to get out of bed an hour earlier" time!

Micki said...

I love spring, but it is still cold here in Ireland.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Wishing you a magical springtime, Linda. xx

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