Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jackets for Rescue Chickens

I managed to hand sew 12 vests to Post off tomorrow, I didnt have all the suggested materials so 4 are sweatshirt material, with button up side tabs, 4 are Thermal very soft vest material with ties, and managed to squeeze another 4 out of sweatshirt material with ties.
12 in all, not a great number, but its a start...
to Give hope to the sewing challenged, here our some of the ones I'm posting.
As you can see I've covered all my mistakes with liberal sprinkling of hearts..

Please read the post below for all Rescue info..


L.Holm said...

This is such a wonderful thing you're doing. Those poor chicks! I saw a story a while ago on a wet suit sewn for an old penguin who'd lost his feathers. This is awesome!

Am so sorry to read about your dear Poppy. I love your description of the beautiful life over the rainbow bridge. I'm now picturing my lost loves happy and cared for by those lovely maidens, too.
hugs, Liz

Sonia ;) said...


Those are fantastic....I got out my sewing machine..if I have time I am going to try and make some..LOL..poor chickies.....I quess they wont mind my inabilities...going to go steal an old sweatie shirt...HaHa..

Hugs sweetie.....

Sonia ;)

Pugles are good...will send ya pic soon...Margrit is addicted to icecubes..but if it saves the furniture legs...LOL

Linda said...

Liz. I think I saw that peguin on the TV news dear little thing or at least a similiar reclothed little dear, they are so cute.
Take heart, I'm sure our babies aou all cared for.
Sonia, I'm sure they will be great, and much improved on my hand sewing ones, I was very out of practise...
The chickies will be very grateful.

Annette F. Tait said...

Linda - that is absolutely wonderful!!!
they look perfect to me - and I love the hearts - the chickens are going to be so happy wearing them :)

Thank you so so much for so kindly helping these soon to be ex battery hens!

truly an angel!!

kind regards,

pey said...

Linda, they look amazing, you are so wonderful doing this for the hens.
xo P.

Jessi said...

What a wonderful thing to do. It will help the chickens both directly, providing warmth and protection, and indirectly, by raising awareness.
Thank you for doing this!

veganessa said...

you've done an amazing job with the jackets. I've been busy too, but mine aren't half as good as yours, still I hope the hens appreciate them :) thanks for helping the hens.

mvegan said...

Wow, they are so adorable and wonderful, thank you so much for doing this for the poor hennies!! ;0) Michele

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OSWOA (Original Small Works Art) Awards