Saturday, 11 April 2009

Global Warming, Can we make a Difference?

I'd say Yes, I'm trying to turn off lights as I leave a room, and fitting energy bulbs. Recycling, re using, or adapting saves you money too. Getting out of the shower 2 minutes earlier than you would have normally, if you are one of those long shower types, saves enough water to fill a swimming pool over the course of a year.
Walking, biking short distances in safe areas, if you are able, gets you fit and saves petrol and cash.
Buying fresh food instead of frozen is good for you and saves energy, or grow some fresh, even herbs in a window box are delicious. Encourage young ones from an early age, not to waste paper, photocopy, print or use both sides of paper whenever you can. Don't buy more food than you can use, till your next shopping trip, surplus will probably get thrown away anyway, unless you are very disciplined.
I'm really not preaching, because I know I have a lot more to do myself, and I can't think that doing any of the above will not enrich some areas of our own lives, or help our cash flow. I just can't bear to see our beautiful worlds plants, animals and habitats so destroyed, needlessly, when just a few small changes could make a difference.
And if you can; plant a tree, the planet needs its lungs, and so do we.
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Sheila said...

You go girl! Thanks again for reminding us a little change by many people can make a great change!

DEB said...

It IS important to protect our planet. The more I read about global warming though...I don't know. The hype disagrees, but there is a lot of evidence that we are in a 40 yr. cycle of warming and cooling that is normal for our earth.

Sonia ;) said...


For as many ppl on this planet, and if we all did that little bit...imagine what would happen...Im with you...Have a Great Weekend...

Sonia ;)

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