Monday, 19 January 2009

All Creatures Great & Small and Children

I apologise to all you genuine caring People, but a lot of our populace think nothing of these practises.
The Sad post entered below previously is just the tip of the iceburgh.
Where does it Start.
Where do we all learn the way to behave and treat other people and creatures.
Yes, we all know, from our Parents,Carers, or Guardians, who All have a duty to ensure children, epecially the younger ones are unwaiveringly supervised in their dealings with animals,pets.
Educated and taught where and when necessary, how to be Gentle, and Caring.
Your Child does not have to have everything it wants, all of the time.
No it is NOT CUTE to see your toddler dragging a kitten along, or mauling a puppy, however well intentioned, IT IS NOT SWEET either!!.
That is the job of a stuffed toy, not a Living Creature
These young animals and small pets are often daily abused in this way, they are delicate and vulnerable creatures and need to be treated with respect to avoid serious injury.
If you think it does not matter, Think Again, you might be honing the skills of a future serial killer. Profiler reports on these people, state the instinct to do harm is first acted out and practised at younger age, on small animals and family pets, graduly growing if unchecked.
Assuming Children are old enough of course, ask yourself...
Does your child accompany you or take your Family Dog for walks, I'm not talking once a week, and if you nag either.
Do your children care and clean after their pets, were they a fad, if so Dont buy anymore.
Does your 'Ponymad Child' you bought the pony for, ever want to visit it,unless you iniate it, or Do You, always take them? Do you do all the work, after all if they really love horses they should be enjoying helping and by quite a young age managing themselves to groom and pick out feet,tack up etc.
If not perhaps you would be better buying a horse,pony,dog,or pet, for your own pleasure, and not the wonder of your child impressing their friends with another aquisition.
Children and Animals can be a Magical experience ,Rewarding for all Parties,.
No one has to stay the same, Start today, make a life Better, no matter How Small...or Whose


Sheila said...

A healthy and timely reminder. Thank you!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Excellent Linda! This can't be said enough in today's society.

Ingrid said...

Very well said Linda. One of those 'sad but true' statements. All too often an animal is added to the family much too if adding a toy.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Every parent should read this.
My rescued lop bunny was an "Easter Bunny" for a 3 year old girl. But of course, the novelty did not last long and -- imagine this -- the bunny started to get big!
So sad.

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