Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Whoa Sketchbook to Sale for Horse Charity

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor is a member of a juried group of Ebay horse artists who started the Whoa Charity Sketchbook project earlier this year. Back in April, she asked for members to sign up and take turns to add original equine art to an 80 page blank book. She had members add work from here in Great Britian, to all over the States. Each artist was given up to 5 pages to sketch whatever they chose. Also click HERE to see the sketchbook blog. Pictures of all new art is added by Jen, to the site as soon as it is completed. Hopes are bouyant to have the book finished and on Ebay for sale around Christmas time.
Jen herself produces wonderful,rich artworks ,http://gypsymare.blogspot.com/and plaques with a Halloween ,fantasy twist, she also does a great line in Vanners.
Danielle http://daniellebarlowart.blogspot.com/The other UK artist on the project, is also an extremely talented artist with horse, fantasy, dartmoor,and crows amongst her varied pallette.
As Danielle states in her blog entry; "We are also looking into the possibility of having the sketchbook printed, so we can sell copies of it, although the costs are looking a little prohibitive at the moment. Any suggestions here are welcome"!


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks so much for posting the news about our sketchbook project!
Jen (and no, I didn't vote for that aweful woman that shoots wolves)

DEB said...

This is a neat project. I love it when art can be used for a good cause! We used Lulu to create the ACEO cookbook, which is still for sale and would make a great holiday gift. But, I was thinking that if you wanted to have a hardcover sketchbook, maybe one of the photobook companies, like Shutterfly or Clark or Kodak would offer a volume discount? I'm assuming you'd want to work with someone who would print on demand. If you do a print on demand google search, there are several companies that offer that service and the books cost about $20 to $30 a piece, depending on pages, quality, volume, etc.
DEB a.k.a. Artshtick

Mozez said...

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Danielle Barlow said...

I tagged you Linda!
Don't feel obliged to take part, but if you want to , check out my blog for how to play!

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