Monday, 28 January 2013

Knitting and Me

My mum had been a great knitter, the cries of my pony mad childhood come back to me, "Mum Please can you make me a yellow jumper with a horseshoe on to wear on Saturday to the Pony Club Rally, Pleease".. to which the answer came back, No, that she couldn't possible knit it in 2 or 3 days, (the unreasonable time scale that I had pleaded for). But on Friday Evening there it would be resplendant in all its glory,pressed a new jumper for me to wear, Bless her... In her later years she had to refuse to knit up dark colours, saying that she couldnt see the darker wools in the evening light. All of which in my youth and ignorance I probably thought totally unreasonable, all of which comes back to haunt me now... Mum was such good knitter, so neat and quick, that it was never an option for me to learn how to, with any great intention. I tried the basics, and called it quits, but I did crochet hippy bags and hats, made macrame bracelets and the dreaded plant holders, and the popular things of that era. Now 'we girls' decided that we would give knitting a try, as it so nicely coincided with the launch of a new knitting magazine that supplied you with patterns, 2 balls of wool and a pair of needles,..thus kitted out, we all sallied forth. Jane our Ace knitter was amazing, and very patient, I must add, as I was a total numbskull, when trying to teach me anything new knitting wise, I just flatlined. Karen got on well and stormed ahead, and thankfully still has a 'knitting' Mum around to ask for help, which must be great all round. Sarah did really well too, but is a perfectionist, so was racked with self doubt, and never pleased with her work, she and I, between the pair of us managed to do a lot of unpicking! Probably not all of which was strictly necessary either.
I knitted toy mouse to start with, as I found a pattern that had been donated to the 'Battersea Cats and Dogs Home', rescue and rehoming centre in London, which asked you to donate a toy if you used the pattern, so I have made a pink mouse which has a bell in it. (See Link Below) Then I got ambitious and thought I would try a pair of hand warmers, as they are basically a rib to start, then a Knit 1,Purl 1row for the main section, then Rib again to finish, then sew up. I made a pale Green pair for my friend Helen, which was supposed to be a thoughtful gift, but I'm not so sure, it being my first attempt! Helen then gave me some really lovely wool to try, it has alpacca in it, it is so soft and much easier to knit with, and I am getting on much better with this wool. Anyway I don't think I will ever knit anything large, but small toys, handwarmers and tiny things will probably be my limit.
Pattern for these Mice on Ravelry site.. Captain Cat-Battler was designed specially for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and their Cat Knit project. If you use this pattern, please donate to the Home, send a mouse to befriend lonely cats waiting for new owners, or even better, adopt a cat to go with your mouse. and see post below, where the above pic was borrowed from..
Blog post and pattern

There is also a  material sewing pattern for a kitten cushion, for the influx of homeless kittens.

Knit a blanket for a rescue dog

They're asking you to give them a handmade hug while they wait for new owners. Knit them a cosy comfort blanket to snuggle up to in their Battersea kennel and they can take it with them when they find a new home.


Abi said...

Your mum was a true star knitting you that yellow jumper! I would have thought knitting toys was far more difficult that anything large scale - they look great! And I love the idea of blankets for rescued animals... I wish I could knit! perhaps this is a good excuse to learn?!

Linda said...

Mum used to knit pretty fluffy boleros to cover my arms in party dresses,(like shrugs, ballerina tops) I'm sure they would look sweet on your beautiful art dolls. I'm not sure what you'd have to knit with knitting needle sizewise though, probably darning needles like the borrowers. :)x

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